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Tips, Tricks and Facts

"In the States everything is bigger and better"*

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Here are some of my tips for travelling the States :

  • Rent a car ! Without a car, you are lost in America !
  • breakfast at Denny's, the Grandslam (pancakes, eggs, sausage or bacon) is only 2.99 $
  • get a Super 8 VIP card, you save 10% at every stay at a Super 8 Hotel
  • Burger King is much better than McDonald's
  • while driving, watch out for the black and white cars with the colorful lights on top
  • visit Arches National Park and take some time, it is worth it
  • drink Dr Pepper, best soft drink in the world
  • Seattle is the greatest city in the States

    * a traveller from Iceland on board of an Icelandair flight from Reykjavic to JFK

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