The United States of America

ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking, we would like to welcome you on board of the MacAirlines virtual flight to the United States. You might select your destination by clicking on the map below. And now sit back, relax and enjoy the flight !

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... or you might select one of the following tours :

Tour 1: New York
Tour 2: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Boston
Tour 3: Centralia, Il
Tour 4: Centralia, Il, Chicago
Tour 5: Centralia again, New Orleans
Tour 6: Los Angeles, Dallas
Tour 7: Seattle, San Francisco, New York
Tour 8: Wooster, Oh, Washington, Centralia
Tour 9: Seattle, Wooster
Tour 10: New York, New England
Tour 11: Denver, Yellowstone NP
Tour 12: Wooster, Ohio

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A little known fact about beer in America :

What has american beer in common with sex in a canoe ?

for the answer

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